WorldLinx Alliance

WORLDLINX ALLIANCE or WLA is active since ten years in AERIAL RELAY production. Two aircrafts BEECHCRAFT B200 are equipped with certified pods housing up to 7 dynamic reception/transmission antennas. Each antenna can receive several sources They are also fitted with 3m arms, allowing transmission over a distance up to 200km.

WORLDLINX ALLIANCE can propose also backup solutions with a third aircraft Beechcraft B200 or B90 and some other relay aircrafts if needed.


WORLDLINX ALLIANCE is based in Antwerp, Belgium, but operates on all continents. The aircrafts operated apart from Europe, for instance in Argentina, Australia, Chile, USA, Mexico, Middle East and many places all over the globe.


WLA is independent and clients range from public broadcasters, TV facility providers to federations or event organizers. The aerial relay solutions that WLA provide are ideal for TV production of Rallies, Cycling, Marathon, Triathlons but also for any event. The aircrafts were for instance used over Paris after the Presidential elections, gathering a dozen of TV sources on the ground and transmitting these to the networks headquarters.

Jacques Hendrickx is the overall manager of WLA. For commercial issues you can contact Gabriel Fehervari. WLA also has a team of pilots. For all technical questions, please contact Jens Vanhoof. He is also a key Pilot.

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