• WLA has developed its own dynamic tracking antennas, using the newest soft- and hardware
  • WLA has a proven track record since ten years having performed some 8,000 flight hours
  • WLA is partner for Public broadcasters such as TVE, TPC Switzerland, …
  • WLA is partner for NEP for all WRC rallies, worldwide since many years
  • Commonwealth Games 2018 in Australia for NEP Group
  • World Cycling Road Championships in Bergen, Innsbruck, Doha, Yorkshire, …
  • Nearly hundred Nordic Ski events
  • Over Hundred running events, triathlons and marathons for Timeline, NEP, AMP Visual TV, Broadcast RF, SIT SPORTS, IBS ...
  • We also performed special projects for BBC Stargazing, Sailing events such as the start of the Vendee Globe races.
  • During the presidential elections in France, May 2017, 2 aircrafts transmitted a total of 15 sources for TF1 and for France Television during the evening show.
  • AMP
  • WRC
  • Vuelta 2022
  • ...

The list is endless and if you have a particular project, please contact us.

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